Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 Reviews

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Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 Description

Wagan's Solar e Power Cube is the ultimate portable power source. Simply charge the internal battery using its 5 total solar panels, which fold out from the top and roll out from each side, and use the power to run your AC, USB or DC devices from anywhere. Recharge the built-in 55 AH AGM/gel hybrid battery faster using the included home AC or vehicle DC outlet. This renewable power source is extremely user friendly.

This simple all in one unit is ready to be used out of the box; just charge the battery. No assembly or connections required. Features an AC power inverter with 1500 Watts continuous and 3600 Watts peak surge power, two 115 Volts AC outlets, two 12 Volts accessory outlets for powering DC appliances, two USB power ports (5 Volts 2.1 ampere total), and a digital LED voltmeter display for checking battery status. It is ideal for deep cycle applications. Initial AC charge takes up to 24 hours. Allows up to 18 hours direct sunlight to fully charge it via solar panels only. Each solar panel is 16 Watts, so 80 Watts of solar panels are already built in. These mono crystalline solar panels run on 17 percent efficiency.

Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 Details

  • 5 solar panels (16 Watts each) unfold and slide out from the power cube
  • 1500 Watts AC inverter (3600 peak surge power): 2 AC outlets to power appliances such as radio, portable stereo, laptop computer, television, microwave, conventional refrigerator/freezer
  • 2 USB power ports (5 Volts 2.1 ampere total) to charge/operate iPad/tablet, Kindle/e-reader, MP3 player, cell phone, laptop, etc. plus 2 DC 12 Volt outlets
  • Includes AC and DC adapters to recharge its 55 AH AGM/gel hybrid battery
  • Does not require any extra assembly; this all in one ready to use solar cube is ready to use out of the package, plus it can be expanded with additional solar panels and/or batteries if more power is required in the future

Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 Customer Reviews

Most people overlook the fact that this system is a one time expense and it will never require fuel to power it ever. Just a few cents per month will keep it charged up, or, free energy from the sun. Due to the fact that I am a conservative power user, I do not feel the need to add an additional battery at this time, as I feel the internal battery is sufficient for my requirements.

Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 Price

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